Program Areas

Northern Border Regional Commission can make investments in the following four areas:

1.  Economic & Infrastructure Development Investments 

Under this program and in consideration of the NBRC's Five Year Strategic Plan, Federal appropriations can be used to support investments to:

  • Revitalize and modernize essential infrastructure in Northern Border region communities,
  • Increase access, affordability, and use of high speed telecommunications by Northern Border residents and businesses,
  • Stabilize and reduce electric and thermal energy costs,
  • Retain, expand and diversify business enterprise that capitalizes on the region’s natural, cultural, and economic assets,
  • Position the Northern Border region as an attractive and supportive place for creative and entrepreneurial people,
  • Support and expand a highly productive workforce with skills suited to existing and future business needs,
  • Foster entrepreneurial leadership and capacity for community economic development, and
  • Inform and align local, state, and regional economic development decision making with regional data and perspectives. 

Eligible applicants for these investments can be:

  • state governments
  • county and municipal governments
  • Indian tribes, and
  • public and non profit organizations. 

More information on this annual funding opportunity.

2.  Regional Forest Economy Partnership

The purpose of the Regional Forest Economy Partnership is to address the economic shift produced by the chronic and consistent decline of the forest products industry that has led to displacement of a skilled workforce and significant negative demographic changes in the rural areas of the Northern Border Regional Commission region. The goal is to increase the ability of the four-state region to attract new opportunities that are highly leveraged, transformational investments that have a fundamental impact on community economic revitalization.

3.  Local Development Districts

Allowable activities for Local Development Districts include assisting the NBRC in its outreach activities and administering NBRC investments for grantees.  Note that, while the Commission does not currently fund Local Development District organizations, they are certified to administer NBRC grants for recipients.

More information on Local Development Districts

4.  State Capacity Grant Program

In order to better focus NBRC funds, the Commission can assist Member States to develop comprehensive economic and infrastructure development plans for their NBRC counties. Plans are to reflect the goals, objectives and priorities within NBRC's economic and infrastructure plan. This is done in collaboration with Local Development Districts, local governments, higher education centers, and the general public. 2018 Reauthorization authorized up to $5M for this program to be Appropriated seperately. There are currently no Appropriations for 2019.