Local Development Districts


The NBRC Federal-State partnership is aided by a group of regional organizations called Local Development Districts (LDDs) that assist the NBRC in its outreach activities and administer NBRC investments for grantees. LDDs are either an already existing federally designated Economic Development District, as certified by the US Economic Development Administration, or an organization similar in nature to a regional planning commission.

LDDs are knowledgeable about other Federal and State programs that help fund economic and community development projects. They are aware of local concerns as most engage in regional economic development planning of varying degrees. LDDs provide feedback to the Commission on its current programs as well as assist in identifying future areas of focus for the Commission. 

Each SEID NBRC award is required to utilize an LDD for grant administration assistance unless they are an agency of State government or have requested and received LDD waiver approval from NBRC prior to the submission of the SEID application.  A grantee is required to provide a copy of the executed LDD contract as part of the documentation necessary to receive a Notice to Proceed.

LDDs are compensated for their administrative work, through a reimbursement process with the grantee, based on the formula of 2% of the NBRC award. LDD grant administration costs are an eligible NBRC cost for an amount not to exceed the formula.  If grant administration assistance beyond the total available under the formula, those must be paid for with matching funds.  LDD grant administration costs must be reflected as a line item within the project budget submitted in support of a SEID application for funding.

The LDD contract executed with the grantee should specify the type of scope of services/grant administration activity that will be provided. See the list below for details on the types of LDD assistance. See the Role of the LDD for additional details on the types of LDD assistance. 

NOTE: It is not expected that the LDD will conduct bid processes and assessing bid documents for completion, interviewing potential consultants or other procurement processes. If a grantee wishes to engage the LDD in these processes they may enter a separate Grant Management contract with the LDD.

  • Quarterly Reporting: Ensure that the grantee files quarterly reports on time and enough information to provide a meaningful outline of where the project is at in the process. 
  • Reimbursement Requests: Provide guidance to grantees on filing reimbursement requests and ensure that reimbursement requests are accurate, within approved budget and contain all the necessary documentation to provide evidence of match and reimbursements that are expected to be paid by NBRC.
  • Final Reporting: Ensure that the grantee has filed their final report and financial report in a timely manner after the project is complete.
  • General Assistance: Be available to provide guidance to the grantee with other issues such as what their responsibilities are regarding procurement of goods and services and contractors. Have a general knowledge base about federal grant programs, specifically NBRC.

To Find Your LDD

A listing of Local Development Districts around the Country can be found at the websites of our sister Commissions: the Delta Regional Authority and the Appalachian Regional Commission.