Forms & Other Grant Administration Materials:

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Grant Administration
​Grant Administration Compliance Manual (Updated Feb2023)
Key Contact Form
Authorized Offical Resolution Info. & Samples
Volunteer and In-Kind Match Spreadsheet
NBRC Form 1002 - Matching Funds Form
Finding your LDD and more!
        Sample LDD Contract
Contract Amendment Form

Standard Forms
SF-270 - Request for Reimbursement 
    SF-270 How-to Video
    SF-270 NBRC Instructions
    Reimbursement Supporting Document Summary Sheet and Instructions 
SF-425 - Financial Reporting Form 
    Sample SF-425
    SF-425 How to Video (Coming Soon)
SF-428 Tangible Personal Property Report
     SF-428S Supplemental Sheet 
SF-429-A Real Property Status Report   
SF-PPR Performance Progress Report 
    SF-PPR How-to Video 

Closeout Documentation
Closeout Checklist
GPRA Close out Form (Due at close out of project and three years after closeout)

National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA)
NEPA Intake Form
NBRC NEPA Process Flowchart
NBRC Environmental Assessment (EA) Guidance (July 2022)
NBRC Environmental Assessment Template
NBRC Notice of Availability Template

Letters of Interest (LOI) and Application Support Documents and Forms
Catalyst FAQ
Covid Match Waiver
Significant Benefit Waiver - FEP
SF-424- Application for federal assistance
   SF-424 Sample
SF-3881 - ACH Vendor/Misc. Payment Enrollment Form & Instructions
SF-424cbw- Grant Application Detailed Budget Worksheet 
   SF-424cbw Instructions Only
   SF-424cbw Sample 
Budget Narrative-
     Budget Narrative with Instructions
     Budget Narrative with Instructions SAMPLE
SF-424A - Budget Info.- Non-Construction Programs
   SF-424A Worksheet instructions
SF-424B - Assurances - Non-Construction Programs
SF-424C - Budget Info - Construction Programs
SF-424D - Assurances - Construction Programs
SF-LLL - Disclosure of Lobbying Activities
  SF-LLL Sample
Debarment Suspension Certification Form 1001
Organizational Capacity - Catalyst (SEID & IIJA)
Authorized Offical Resolution Info. & Samples