General Grant Administration

Federal legislation states that the Northern Border Regional Commission, "shall enhance the capacity of, and provide support for, local development districts (LDD) in its region." It outlines obligations that LDDs have once they are designated (40 U.S.C., § 15505 (c)). In order to fulfill this obligation and ensure that Federal funds are expended appropriately, the NBRC has designated Local Development Districts throughout the NBRC region and provides training to them to be the designated grant administrations to NBRC grantees. 

All grantees (with the exception of Vermont) are required to contract with a Local Development District (LDD) for administration of grants, unless they submit and are granted a waiver for this activity. NBRC will notify the LDD of those grantees that choose to self-administer their grants.

In order to compensate the LDDs for that administrative work, grant administrative fees will be paid from the awarded funds on a reimbursable basis. The formula for determining project administration fees is 5% of the first $100,000 awarded and 1% of all dollars in excess of $100,000. By example, a $250,000 award would include $6,500 in LDD project administration fees, thereby making $243,500 available for the purpose of the award.

Notice to Proceed

In order to receive a Notice To Proceed you must complete the follownig items:

  • Items specific to each project are listed in the Grant Agreement (it is important that you read your Grant Agreement)
  • Executed (signed by both parties) Grant Agreement
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH - SF3881) (this form is necessary to be able to receive payment electronically. Electronically is the only way to receive funds from NBRC.
  • NBRC Form 1002: Certification Regarding Committed Match Required
  • Documentation that all other funds are secured to begin the project 
  • Draft agreement with a Local Development District for administration Example (Vermont is exempt from this item)
  • Demonstrate that 75% of any previous award from NBRC has been completed.
Other Grant Administration Materials:

Grant Administration Compliance Manual

Change of Contact Information

SF270 Request of Reimbursement (necessary to receive funding) 
Performance Progress Report (Due January 31, April 30, July 30, October 31)
SF425 Financial Reporting Form (Due October 31, annually, and 45 days after the close of the project)

GPRA Close out Form (Due at close out of project and three years after closeout)

Equipment Purchase Documentation: TANGIBLE PERSONAL PROPERTY REPORT

Real Property Documentation:  (General Reporting) SF-429-A