General Grant Administration

The NBRC Federal-State partnership is aided by a group of regional organizations called Local Development Districts (LDDs) that assist the NBRC in its outreach activities and administer NBRC investments for grantees.   LDDs are either an already existing federally designated Economic Development District, as certiļ¬ed by the US Economic Development Administration, or an organization similar in nature to a regional planning commission.

LDDs are knowledgeable about other Federal and State programs that help fund economic and community development projects. They are aware of local concerns as most engage in regional economic development planning of varying degrees. LDDs provide feedback to the Commission on its current programs as well as assist in identifying future areas of focus for the Commission. 

Each SEID NBRC award is required to utilize an LDD for grant administration assistance unless they are an agency of State government or have requested and received LDD waiver approval from NBRC prior to the submission of the SEID application.  A grantee is required to provide a copy of the executed LDD contract as part of the documentation necessary to receive a Notice to Proceed.

LDDs are compensated for their administrative work, through a reimbursement process with the grantee, based on the formula of 2% of the NBRC award. LDD grant administration costs are an eligible NBRC cost for an amount not to exceed the formula.  If grant administration assistance beyond the total available under the formula, those must be paid for with matching funds.  LDD grant administration costs must be reflected as a line item within the project budget submitted in support of a SEID application for funding.

The LDD contract executed with the grantee should specify the type of scope of services/grant administration activity that will be provided. See the Role of the LDD for additional details on the types of LDD assistance. 


NOTICE TO PROCEED                                                                                                                                                      

No work may begin on this project until an official Notice-to-Proceed is issued by NBRC. No NBRC or matching funds can be committed or expended prior to the issuance of a Notice to Proceed. 

The following items must be completed and submitted to NBRC prior to issuance of a Notice-to-Proceed:

  1. Completed Standard Form 3881 (Automated Clearing House (ACH) Vendor/Miscellaneous Payment Enrollment Form)
  2. Fully Executed NBRC Grant Agreement
  3. Executed NBRC Grant Administration and Compliance Manual Acknowledgment of Receipt Form
  4. Documentation of non-NBRC matching funds form (NBRC Form 1002) listing the total amount of funding and each funding source, together with letters of commitment for each funding source
  5. Signed contract with LDD for grant administration services or documentation of approved LDD waiver from NBRC. (This requirement is not applicable to an agency of State Government)
  6. All NEPA required documentation

These documents should be attached as separate files to an e-mail and sent to If the required documents have previously been provided to NBRC, they do not need to be resubmitted.  NBRC must have all these documents in our files before a Notice to Proceed will be issued.  The Grant Agreement number must be in the subject line of the email.

If your project will be utilizing NBRC funds to purchase equipment, grantees are required to file aa Tangible Personal Property Report (SF428-S) annually, at award closeout (SF-428-B) and, to report/ request a disposition (SF428-C).  While the SF428-S is not required to receive a Notice to Proceed, grantees should understand their responsibilities and requirements as it relates to the utilization of NBRC funds for personal property.

If your project will be utilizing NBRC funds to acquire and/or improve real property, grantees are required to file a Real Property Status Report (SF429-A) and, to protect the Federal interest in real property that has been constructed or has undergone major renovation with NBRC funds, the grantee must also record a Notice of Federal Interest (NFI) in the appropriate official records of the jurisdiction in which the property is located.  While the SF429-A and Notice of Federal Interest are not required to receive a Notice to Proceed, grantees should understand their responsibilities and requirements as it relates to the utilization of NBRC funds for real property.

Please see NBRC’s Grant Administration and Compliance Manual for additional information on the Notice to Proceed as well as utilizing NBRC funds for personal property or real property.

Other Grant Administration Materials:

Grant Administration Compliance Manual (Currently being updated)

Change of Contact Information

SF270 Request of Reimbursement (necessary to receive funding) 
Performance Progress Reports (
currently being updated) Due January 31, April 30, July 30, October 31
SF425 Financial Reporting Form (
currently being updated ) - Due October 31, annually, and 45 days after the close of the project

*If you have any issues opening the forms in your web-browser, please right click and select "save linked file as", download then open the saved file.

Closeout Checklist for EID
GPRA Close out Form (Due at close out of project and three years after closeout)

Equipment Purchase Documentation: TANGIBLE PERSONAL PROPERTY REPORT

Real Property Documentation:  (General Reporting) SF-429-A