Northern Border Regional Commission: Public Notice (PDF) 

This notice signifies that, as of 11-08-2022, the NBRC has instituted a General Applicability Waiver of the Build America, Buy America Act (hereafter “BABAA”) – enacted on November 15, 2021 – domestic content procurement preference (“Buy American Preference”, or BAP) for infrastructure programs funded with Federal dollars. Specifically, the BAP applies to NBRC awards for infrastructure projects; specifically covering iron, steel, manufactured product, or construction materials that are components of NBRC-funded infrastructure projects. The purpose of the waiver is to determine the specific impacts of these provisions on NBRC projects, to prepare internal procedures to streamline compliance, to incorporate these procedures into grantee training and ongoing communications, and to develop a process for ongoing updates of assessments of cost advantage of foreign-sourced products. The NBRC anticipates making guidance available to grantees at the expiration of the Waiver period: 05-08-2023.