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Northern Border Regional Commission Announces 2023 Forest Economy Program Grant Round

December 7, 2022
Contact: Marina Bowie, Forest Economy Program Manager
(603) 369-3001

The Northern Border Regional Commission (NBRC) is pleased to announce the 2023 Forest Economy Program (FEP) grant application opportunity. With this program, the Commission intends to support the forest-based economy and to assist in the forest industry’s evolution to include new technologies and viable business models across the four-state NBRC region. Eligible organizations, which include nonprofit and governmental entities (state, local & Indian tribes), are now able to access a program overview of the FEP via NBRC’s website. The Commission will make up to $7 million in grants available, with a maximum award of $1 Million.
“There is an intrinsic link between the northern forest and the economic success of communities across the NBRC region. The program we are announcing today places a renewed focus on supporting businesses and communities in Northern New England and New York as they seek out new and innovative markets for wood products,” said NBRC Federal Co-Chair Chris Saunders.
Whether funded directly or through partnerships, funds will be awarded to support projects in the forest economy, which may include one (or multiple) of the following:
  1. Community development projects that support the diversified use of forests within the Northern Border Regional Commission’s service area for economic activity to include wood products and advanced materials manufacturing, as well as for other economic activity that utilizes northern border forests sustainably and demonstrates planning for climate resiliency.
  2. Workforce [re] training and development projects for the purpose of building the skills and recruiting and retaining the workforce needed for forest businesses.
  3. Marketing/communication and education projects that promote the environmental and climate benefits of forest management and forest products in ways that strengthen markets for wood products.
  4. Business planning and technical assistance projects that enhance the viability and sustainability of new and existing forest businesses.
  5. Public infrastructure projects that directly support the forest industry, and/or that demonstrate the use of wood-based products in public infrastructure.

Please refer to the 2023 Forest Economy Program Overview located on NBRC’s website for additional information including examples of projects that fit within the above categories.

Potential applicants must express interest through Letters of Interest (LOI) and will have two opportunities to submit: March 10th, 2023 by 5pm, or September 15th, 2023 by 5pm. LOIs will be evaluated by a 9-member Advisory Board, consisting of forest economy representatives from each of the four NBRC states. The Advisory Board will determine which applicants will be invited to submit a full application, due either April 28th or November 3rd, depending on when the Letter of Interest is submitted. Visit the NBRC website to view the full 2023 program timeline.
For those considering applications in 2023, please contact NBRC Forest Economy Program Manager Marina Bowie, the NBRC State Program Manager in the State(s) where the proposed project will take place, and/or a Forest Economy Program Advisory Board member. These individuals will be happy to assist you as you develop your projects and applications:
NBRC State Program Managers
Maine:                                                        New Hampshire:
Charlotte Mace                                           Steve Fortier
(207) 624-7448                                          (603) 271-6305
New York:                                                  Vermont:
Kyle Wilber                                                 Kristie Farnham
(518) 473-3694                                           (802) 398-5268                    
Forest Economy Program Advisory Board
NBRC Representative: Joe Short                                    (603) 491-2651
Maine:                            Dana Doran             (207) 688-8195
                                       Eric Kingsley                                      (207) 233-9910
New Hampshire:           Andy Fast                                        (603) 862-2402
                                       Jasen Stock                                             (603) 674-8148
Vermont:                       Christine McGowan                                      (802) 828-5770
                                      Charlie Hancock                (802) 326-2093
New York:                     Carrie Tuttle                                              (315) 778-8312
                                      Daniel Berheide                       (518) 461-3614
For a PDF of this PR please click HERE
About the Northern Border Regional Commission (
Created in 2008, the Northern Border Regional Commission is a federal-state partnership whose mission
is to help alleviate economic distress and encourage private sector job creation in Maine, New
Hampshire, New York, and Vermont. In its thirteen-year history, including these new awards, the
commission has awarded 331 grants, amounting to more than $90.6 million in direct investment and
$296 million in additional leveraged investments, across the four states through its primary State
Economic & Infrastructure Development (SEID) grant program and other special initiatives.