New Hampshire

The NBRC can invest in economic and infrastructure projects in Carroll, Coos, Grafton, and Sullivan counties.

Depending on the level of economic and demographic distress in each county, projects in New Hampshire may be eligible for up to an 80% matching grant. Click here for information on the NBRC grant programs.

How much has the NBRC invested in New Hampshire?

NBRC investments in New Hampshire from 2010-2016 total $5,125,328
Matching funds for NBRC investments from 2010-2016 total $18,872,007

Where has the NBRC invested in New Hampshire?

Below is a listing of NBRC funded projects in New Hampshire by year

Who Represents New Hampshire on the Commission?

The Granite State is represented on the Commission by Governor Chris Sununu who, with the Governors of New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York, collectively prioritize applications. They, along with the Federal Co-Chair, approve NBRC funding requests.


Governor Sununu is represented on the NBRC by his chosen Alternate, Jeffrey Rose, Commissioner of the NH Department of Resources & Economic Development (DRED). Commissioner Rose details most NBRC partnership duties to Mollie Kaylor, NBRC Program Manager at DRED.

It's strongly recommended that applicants for NBRC funding contact Ms. Kaylor about their projects in advance of submitting an application.  

Ms. Kaylor can be reached by phone at (603) 271-2591 x 119 or by email at