2021 State Economic & Infrastructure Development Investment Program

2021 State Economic & Infrastructure Development Investment Program

2021 Application Manual

2021 Application FAQ



2021 SEID REQUIRED Application Support Documents 

NEPA Documentation (forms within Appendix of 2021 SEID Application Manual)

SF 424 – Application for Federal Assistance


SF424A– Budget for Non-Construction*

SF424B – Assurances for Non-Construction*

SF424C – Budget for Construction*

SF424C (EXCEL VERSION)-Budget for Construction* 

SF424D – Assurances for Construction*

SF424cbw (PDF) or SF424cbw (Excel)  – Budget

SF424cbw Instructions

BUDGET NARRATIVE. In addition to the Budget (SF424cbw), the applicant must also provide a document that briefly outlines how you arrived at your budget, assumptions, notes, etc. The document should be labeled BUDGET NARRATIVE.

RESOLUTION BY THE APPLICANT’S LEGAL AUTHORITY PROVIDING AUTHORIZATION TO THE PERSON AUTHORIZED TO SIGN THE APPLICATION TO THE NORTHERN BORDER REGIONAL COMMISSION. The resolution should also indicate the executive’s permission to sign all NBRC investment documents that bind the applicant. Examples of legal authorities include: select boards and councils for municipalities; commissions for counties; state authorized officials or boards for states; boards of directors, or trustees for nonprofits.

SFLLL – Disclosure of Lobbying Activities


NBRC Form 1001 – Debarment, Suspension Certification

*An applicant must submit a 424A-Budget for Non-Construction and a 424B–Assurances for Non-Construction if the project does not include construction.  If the project includes construction, the applicant must complete and submit a 424C–Budget for Construction and a 424D–Assurances for Construction


Application portal open April 15th

Waiver Request for Previously Awarded Recipients/75% of previous SEID projects expended*** By May 1st

Previous NBRC Recipients.  If the applicant has an existing SEID project with NBRC, you are encouraged to have your current project both (1) submit reimbursement requests totaling 75% or more of the project by May 1, 2021; and (2) demonstrate that 75% of the cost share has been expended by May 1, 2021, before applying for additional SEID funding.

A prior applicant who cannot meet the 75% expenditure rule outlined above but can demonstrate their project delays are due to the impacts of COVID-19 are also eligible to submit a waiver. NOTE: A request for a waiver, together with documentation to support the waiver of this requirement, must be submitted to NBRC’s Program Director Andrea Smith at asmith@nbrc.gov and received no later than 5:00 p.m. EST, May 1, 2021. 

Applications Due May 14th by 5:00 p.m. EST (via NBRC’s Application Portal Only)

Application Portal FAQ

NBRC notification of awards & notice to unsuccessful applicants By August 31, 2021

NBRC grant agreement preparation & distribution September 2021

LDD and grant recipient training (Virtual) October/November 2021