2020 Economic & Infrastructure Development Investments

The 2020 Application is due at 5:00pm June 1, 2020.  Please read this page before proceeding to the Application Database. No paper applications will be accepted. All applications will be submitted through the online Application Database.

Application: The online application portal is designed to be self-explanatory.  If you have trouble completing it or have questions please contact NBRC staff at 603-369-3001.

The Application can be found within the Application Manual in order to prepare to submit the application. 


  • You will be required to create a password and account to apply.
  • The authorized official MUST create their own log in information. 
  • If you are NOT the authorizing official, you may put in their contact information and they will be forwarded an email to create their own account. The authorizing official is the only person that may submit the applicationIf you are completing the application as the primary contact, you will submit the application for review to the 'authorizing' official. The authorizing official will receive an email to review, sign and submit the application. If you are a consultant and will not be responsible for the implementation of the project you must use the Primary Contact information. If they are unwilling to give you access to this, then they need to fill out the application themselves. ONLY ONE APPLICATION may be submitted by each email login that is created.
  • The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CDFA) Number is 90.601. Put this  section #11 of the 424. You do not need to fill out #12 on the 424. (#12 is highlighted, please ignore, it is a federal form that we cannot change for this round of funding)
  • All federal grants require a Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number. If your organization does not currently have a DUNS number click here (it may take 2-3 businesses days to obtain one). Do not wait until your ready to apply, do this now.
  • You may upload as many letters of support or other documents that you wish by adding documents. We request that you put all letters of support into one pdf. 
  • All the documents that are required to be uploaded with the application are available below - many, such as the SF424 will need to be completed first and then uploaded as a pdf.  
  • DO NOT wait until the last minute to apply - the application portal will close at 5:00pm on June 1, 2020.  You will not have access to apply after 5:00pm. Save yourself the stress of last minute detail by applying early. 
  • When a Primary Contact submits the application - it only gets submitted to the Authorized Official. The application is not 'submitted' until the Authorized Official has signed off on the application. Make sure that your Authorized Official has an account. DO NOT wait until the last day or two to do this. 
  • You can start an application and work on it over time. There is no time out in the software and you can save it and come back at any time.
  • Remember, the 'authorized' person is the only person that can submit the application. When they have submitted the application all applicant entities will receive a notice that states that the application has been submitted. If you do not receive this, the application has not been submitted.

The following list of items make up the entire application. They will be required to be submitted for a complete application: 

  • Standard Form 424 - Application for Federal Assistance
    • Instructions for the SF424 can be found here
  • Standard Form 424cbw - Do not wait until the last minute to fill out the Budget Form, it will be helpful in developing your scope of work.
  • Standard Form 424b - Assurances for Non-construction projects (only fill out 424b OR 424d)
  • Standard Form 424d - Assurances for Construction projects (only fill out 424b OR 424d)
  • Standard Form LLL - Disclosure of Lobbying Activities 
  • NBRC Form 1001 - Debarment, Suspension Certification
  • For Non-profits:  A) Certificate of Good Standing and B) IRS Determination Letter.


  • Questions and Answers: You are always welcome to call NBRC staff with technical questions, 603.369.3001. Please call your State’s NBRC Program Manager (contact information is available via the links below) with questions regarding project development. 
  • For maps of the Congressional Delegation, local development districts with contact info, and distress criteria view: MAPS. Click on the 'Resources' button on this website (top right) You'll see a link to "Interactive Map". When the map opens click on the 'Layers' tab on the top right. You can select whatever it is that you're looking for. 
  • It is important to inform your State's NBRC Program Manager about your project in advance of submitting an application.  Links to NBRC's State Program Managers in MaineNew HampshireVermont, and New York.

Links to your Local Development Districts.  Please contact them so they are aware of your project and will be prepared to administer it for you should you be funded. NBRC is conducting a pilot project with the Vermont LDDs this year. Vermont only applicants are not required to include the administration fee for the LDD in their budget.

Submission Instructions: It is important that you read the 2020 Application Manual and outline your grant prior to logging into the Online Application. No paper submissions will be accepted. 

All applications are to be received by 5:00pm June 1, 2020


(Please review the application manual, found on this site, prior to applying, and keep a copy of the completed application for your records.) 


**Please add donotreply@nbrc.gov and admin@nbrc.gov to the safe senders list**

**If you are having issues receiving the password reset email please check your junk/spam folder**