2017 Economic & Infrastructure Development Investments

IMPORTANT: All 2017 EID Applications are due by 5:00pm on June 2, 2017. We anticipate that we will have a web based portal up and running in plenty of time to submit your application. Please visit this web page on a regular basis for submission instructions.  

The following list of items will make up the entire application: 

  • Application - for instructions see the Application Manual below
  • Standard Form 424 - instructions for filling out the SF424 here
  • Standard Form 424a - Budget for Non-construction projects (only fill out 424a OR 424c)
  • Standard Form 424b - Assurances for Non-construction projects (only fill out 424b OR 424d)
  • Standard Form 424c - Budget for Construction projects (only fill out 424a OR 424c)
  • Standard Form 424d - Assuances for Construction projects (only fill out 424b OR 424d)
  • NBRC Form 1001 - Debarment, Suspension Form
  • Lobbying Disclosure Form - Standard Form LLL
  • Any Letters of Recommendation that will enhance the Application
  • For Non-profits:  A) Certificate of Good Standing and B) IRS Determination Letter

For other Standard Form instructions or if for any reason you have issues with the links above, click on this link, it will bring you directly to the federal forms page where all these forms are avialable. 

Submission Instructions:

Letters of Intent are due April 30, 2017. For contents required for the Letter of Intent see page 12 of the Application Manual. Letters of Intent are strongly encouraged for all states, but required for the State of Maine. 

All applications must be recieved by 5:00pm on June 2, 2017 

Applications will be sumbitted electronically through a web portal that is not currently online. Please check back on this website on a regular basis for submission information. 

or you may submit them by US mail to:

EID Application, Northern Border Regional Commission, JC Cleveland Federal Building, Suite 3602, 53 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH 03301

Helpful information for writing the Application
  • 2017 Application Manual
  • Frequently Asked Questions: (This document will be updated regularly. It will be dated so that you know you have the most up to date information)
  • Scoring Criteria for 2017 Applications
  • Overview of Changes from 2016
  • For maps of the Congressional Delegtion, local development districts with contact info, and distress criteria view: MAPS click on the 'details' button at the top left to get instructions on how to use the site if needed. 
  • You are strongly encouraged to inform your State's NBRC Program Manager about your project in advance of submitting an application.  Links to NBRC's State Program Managers in MaineNew HampshireVermont, and New York.
  • Links to your Local Development Districts.  Please contact them so they are aware of your project and will be prepared to administer it for you should you be funded. 
  • Powerpoint Presentation